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Apartments in Islamabad

Apartment living has become increasingly popular in many parts of the Islamabad, particularly in Center of City i.e. F-10 and F-11. These sectors are situated very close to Jinnah Avenue, Blue area, the corporate and business hub of Capital.

Currently One bed and Two bed apartments are most demanded. These two sizes cater multiple customer types like:-

  1. Young Couples

  2. Old Couples

  3. Couples with up-to 3 kids

  4. Corporate bachelors

At The Garden Residence, around 200 units of one and two bed apartments will be available in the start of 2026. These units will be specious rather being smart or compact.

Three Bed units are going to be not less than a surprise for the customers. They are Grand. They are wide. And they will be trend setters. You will love your time in a three bed apartment of The Garden Residence which is as specious as a villa, as scenic as a hill station and costs you much less than 600 sq.Yrds of a demolish-able traditional house in downtown, Islamabad. There will be more than 100 units of 3 bed available in this compound.

For a limited time, customers have chance to book any of the above sizes on easy installment plans.

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