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 "The soul cannot thrive in the absence of a Garden"

Life at The Garden Residence will be full of fun and energy with multiple opportunities of keeping yourself fit and healthy-We have contributed around 75% of available land for your healthy Life Style in form of an inimitable Health Club.


At The GARDEN, We are carving a niche ahead to create a new and global way of living in Pakistan. It’s a very unique opportunity where nature and amenities blend to create a life style destination where people love to live.

We have been extremely conscious while designing “The Garden” specially thinking of its impact on future due to its most dominant location. It is situated in front of Capital Park on 10th Avenue, only 5 kilometers away from Islamabad Presidency and with most superior views of Margallah Hills, Jinnah Avenue and Capital Park.

Time is approaching when The Garden will stand tall as a perfect combination of Form and Functionality and that’s exactly when it will prove its identity as a garden for those who urge for aristocratic and healthy life style right in the middle of Downtown.


Design Philosophy

Design philosophy at The Garden is shaped by a variety of factors, such as cultural backgrounds, personal experiences, and exposure to different design traditions. Functionality, user experience, aesthetics and artistic expressions are some of the philosophical priorities.

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