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Naeem Qamar


Managing Partner

35 years of Professional experience primarily  in Design and Construction Management of Corporate Sector which includes but not limited to, Embassies, Diplomatic buildings, Oil and Gas sector, Telecommunication and Textile sector as well as  medium to high-rise Luxury apartment buildings - Engaged and auspiciously delivered around 3 million sq-ft of area over past 2.5 decades whereas 1.5 million square feet area of under construction projects. is in hand.

The Story

It was around 35 years ago I sat on the plane of my career. On the runway, it was important to understand the  significance of consistency and the power of belief which has been at the forefront of Artec core beliefs and has propelled us in undertaking a smooth take off from the word get go and expanding in to a tailored construction development firm with a diverse portfolio of projects made possible by a driven team of highly skilled professionals.
During this flight, I have changed the direction of how we think spaces by designing three million sq.ft into state of the art luxury projects including corporate offices, apartments, retail, residence etc.
Now by the Grace of Almighty, my flight at a higher altitude is accompanied by a group of committed partners who have their own exceptional presence and achievements in their respective fields.  Our journey for excellence explores all directions and opens up possibilities for the involvement of like-minded professionals. On ‘‘
THE GARDEN’’ we have the advantage of having Ghayyoor Obaid Architects on our architecture design panel. This allows us to diversify our approach and has given us room to explore the project beyond the general scrutiny and review process. The key to their growth lies not only in a different and progressive approach towards design but also in their due diligence and a conscious professional followups of their projects during execution and after their completion.
“SEE-3 DEVELOPMENTS” is our latest multi-storied project which started in 2018 and is now in its final phase of construction. This three identical towers complex is mainly to accommodate corporate offices. Keeping in line with our aim of establishing new standards, we have attempted to improve the quality of construction within local constraints. Such has been the success of this endeavor that we feel confident to set new benchmarks for ourselves.

‘’THE GARDEN’’ is our next horizon.
Naeem Qamar

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From Architect's Perspective

Ghayyoor Obaid


How The Garden Residence will have a strong impact on the future living.  Mr. Ghayyoor Obaid has his own way to express these attributes.

The Concept

“Like a river, it flows, gentle and true,
Each feature a gem, a dream anew

With every touch, a melody plays,
Crafting moments that forever stays"

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